“Si ma quello ha un sacco di problemi”

A me questa storia di giustificare qualcuno perché “c’ha dei problemi” non mi ha mai convinto. I problemi ce li abbiamo tutti, eppure non tutti sentiamo il bisogno di riversarli addosso agli altri trattandoli di merda o comportandoci da stronzi.

Walking around the Vatican

This evening I went for a walk around the Vatican, something I had not done for awhile. Essentially, I forced myself out today, as I’ve been sort of locked in the hasta-per-selfieouse the whole week, due to my sore bones. Near Castel Sant’Angelo there were the usual street vendors, selling gadgets and touristy stuff. The weird thing is that usually they try to call the tourist’s attention saying “hello? hello?”. These evening instead they were saying “selfie? selfie? selfie?”. …”what the fuck?” I tought. I turned and saw that it made sense, in fact were selling these things: telescopic poles to take selfies! 😯

Anyway, there is this t-shirt that I saw in a shop in via della Conciliazione. pope-souvenir-trashDo we want to talk about it? Pure papal trash. Love it. (the words say “the pope who came from the end of the world”)

Third comes this short video that I made. I love so much the area around st Peter’s square. As a friend made me notice, I hang around the Vatican a lot, for someone who sistematically bashes religions. 🙂

old videos – da caricare