Brown rice with yellow tomatoes

brown-rice-with-yellow-tomatoesThis was the main course of my lunch today: brown rice (which provides healthy carbohydrates, since it has the complete nutrient package from the whole grain) with raw yellow tomatoes. As condiment I just added a little extra-virgin olive oil, with little pieces of garlic and fresh peppermint leaves.








These tomatoes are grown by my dad’s aunt in the countryside. She calls them “bell pepper-tomatoes”, in fact they look like small yellow bell peppers, and they also have a thick skin, but they are actually tomatoes. I think their color is beautiful, like gold! I’ve never seen these anywhere else, I suspect they’re an ancient variety of tomatoes. This makes them very precious at my eyes: I am saving the seeds, I want to try to plant them next year!healty-brown-rice-with-yellow-tomatoes

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