Small animals in San Procolo

Another day in the countryside, and you know what it means: another one of my mini-documentaries. I find another web with hundreds of baby spiders (this time on a rosemary plant) -curious that I’ve never seen these my whole life and now I found two in the same spring- plus some other interesting insects.

old videos – da caricare

Millions of tadpoles, hundreds of spiders

Yesterday I saw two nature wonders! In the morning I went for a hike near Segni with my sister’s family, and while we were watching the cows and the horses with my nephew, we noticed that there was something moving in one of the the ponds…actually the whole pond was in motion: there were millions (many millions) of tadpoles enjoying the sun! Look how awesome:

Then in the afternoon I went to San Procolo, and while I was pruning some bamboos, I found a web with the size more or less of a tennis ball, with hundreds and hundreds of baby spiders! If I’m correct these are araneus diadematus. Mama spider must have laid all the eggs in a bag and they spawned out of it, all in the same place. Here they are:

old videos – da caricare

Personal freedom and traffic and spring

Yesterday I was driving back from my town to Rome, and the road was almost desert, there was basically no traffic. A very relaxing trip. And while I was doing my voice exercises I was thinking at how great it is to be so desynchronized from all the people who have a standard job, who are forced to drive through the same road in the peak moments of the day, when it becomes incredibly congested. A trip that took me 40 mins yesterday would have taken 2 hours this morning. Yes, Rome’s traffic is that bad.

So, I realized that things like this are the results of some important changes that I made in my life in the last years, and these changes are definitely consequence of the very good input that I got from some special people. Then I was realizing, again, how this particular man called Harry Browne (that I adore, I think it’s obvious now) really had an enormous impact on my life with his book. Harry is dead, but boy how he produced changes -first in my mind- and then in my life. And I think it’s really suggestive. I don’t buy many common conceptions of eternal life and immortality, but when things like this happen, isn’t this the real, the best way to be immortal? Harry’s ideas and thoughts live in my life today, now, years after he’s passed away, and I am enjoying a great deal of increased personal freedom because of the messages he left for me. Thank you Harry! Just for you to know, I am enjoying it very much!

Yesterday was a lovely day that I spent in the countryside again. Really enjoying the weather and spring. And once again I took some pictures with my camera. Did I already say that I am a great photographer? Ah yeah, I think I already did…green-spiderA small green spider on a fig tree.

spider-webThe web of a spider (not the same spider).

oak-seedsThese are some wooden balls that some oak trees produce. I see them from time to time but I am not sure what is their function. They don’t look like seed containers to me.

bee-flowerA bee collecting pollen from a peach tree.

And this is the vase where I planted some cherry tomato seeds. As my grandpa is getting old he can’t plant as many veggies for the family as he did before (at 90 he’s actually still in great shape but he has to look after my grandma who suffers from total dementia and he doesn’t have much time for gardening anymore). So, to have some natural homemade veggies again this year I’ll return to some agricultural job!soil-vase