Healthy foods: moth beans

moth-beansI found these little beans yesterday in an ethnic shop. I’ve never eaten these before, they’re called moth beans and they come from India. Moth beans look pretty much like mungo beans, but they are brownier and smaller. As many other legumes, they are very nutritious and particularly rich in proteins. I am turning these into sprouts, they’re soaking now!

At the aquarium of Barcelona

Awhile ago I said that the Boqueria market is my favourite place in Barcelona. Well, I forgot the aquarium, I love it even more! It’s surely expensive (20 euro for adults) but it’s completely worth it. There are incredible types of fish, the weirdest shapes, the most beautiful colors, creatures that are really beautiful and surprising. Nature. Is. Amazing. This is the video I made during my visit this saturday, take a look.

old videos – da caricare

Ronnie Coleman

I share this video that my friend Dario linked me. I never stopped laughing while watching it.I love the meal (breakfast?) with french fries and ketchup, definitely the healthy meal recommend for an athlete (!). I love the expression of the eyes. I love the Donald Duck voice. I love the attitude when he lifts those freaking-heavy-weights. And I wonder: what the heck will happen to his body when he will stop this extreme training? Will that gigantic mass reduce gradually…or will everything fall down with gravity, like old boobs?