Finally I found you, damn css!

Finally! I’ve found the portion of css code to eliminate that horrible blank space above my blog name, up here (the white area that was above PAOLO ds)!

This is the header as I’ve always wanted it: thinner!

Healthy food: whole rice and black eyed peas


From today I’ll start to share some of the healthy foods that I eat, usually things that I am preparing at the moment and that I take in a picture. Right now for example I am boiling  whole rice (which is much more nutritious than the common white rice, it just takes 20 minutes more to cook) with black eyed peas. In the water I added some pieces of ginger which will give a great flavor. This meal is a nice combination of carbohydrates (rice) and proteins (beans). I’ll just put some extra-virgin olive oil on it (very good type of fat) and eat. Very healthy, very tasty.