Robots vs dragons

Since I made my nephew watch some scenes from “the Hobbit“, to show him how the drawfs dig under the mountains and how they find precious metals, gems and magic stones, he totally entered in the trip for dwarfs. He became super interested. He asked me what was going to happen to the city of the dwarfs under the mountain, since I didn’t let him see the whole movie (there’s too much violence for a 5 years old), and I explained him that in the movie, a big dragon arrives in the city and occupies it, stealing all the precious of the dwarfs, forcing them to run away.

He suddenly became very worried for the dwarfs, and he tried to understand what they could have done to beat the dragoon. So after he got all the clarifications he needed about the version of the story I told him, he started to propose a series of changes to my version (which is the plot of the two movies of the Hobbit that I’ve seen so far, with some corrections and simplifications for him), in a way that the dwarfs come back, beat the dragon and regain their city back. In this drawing, they build a giant robot (which is female, as he pointed out she has long hair), and this robot is super strong and made of metal (what if the dragon fires on the metal, doesn’t it melt? No! The dwarfs use a super strong metal which doesn’t melt!), and it is even bigger than the dragon. So it wins and the dwarfs take their city back.

leonardo-drawingThis way he was much more satisfied.

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