Golden axe

grandpa-axe axe-markToday I went to visit my grandpa (who will turn 90 in a couple of weeks!), and while I was chatting with him, he was preparing some logs for the fire. I noticed that the axe he was using had something particular: there were two letters impressed on the iron. Curious, I neved noticed that axe before! Grandpa explained me that the axe belonged to my grand-grandpa Mario, and in his time having an axe with incised the initial of the name was a tradition. So his axe had impressed: DM, Derme Mario. At first I didn’t understand why the letters were turned, so grandpa also explained me that those letters were actually a stamp: when a worker produced some pieces of wood, he used to impress on the fresh wood his initials by beating the back of the axe on it, so it was known who did the job. I tried on this old log and it’s true, it worked. What a cool thing!

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