Sundried tomatoes and tiger mosquitos (in San Procolo)

homemade-sundried-tomatoesThis year, since my dad and I have grown a little too many tomatoes for what we actually use, I am trying to use some of them to make sundried tomatoes, so they can be preserved. This is the first time I try, and so far it’s going very well! These are our own grown tomatoes after day 2 of drying. Ideally, the the best tomato types to make sundried tomatoes are San Marzano or Roma, but I used all sort of tomatoes (since that’s what we have), from cherry tomatoes to salad tomatoes. I sliced them, sprinkled salt over the surfaces, and put them outside in the sun. After 5-6 days of drying in total they should be ready. The final step, before putting them in a jar with oil, will be to boil them with 50% water and 50% vinagre. Yummy!tiger-mosquito-bloodThis instead is a tiger mosquito that I just squashed. That blood was my blood! I mean, ok mosquito, it’s your right to bite me because you also have to eat, fair. But once you’ve stolen me some blood, you’re supposed to leave me alone with my itch and go digest your booty somewhere else. How smart was, instead, to keep on flying around me, heavy with my blood and slower than usual??? Hmmm??? Hmmm??? I’ll tell you: not much!

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